Check Out Some Of The Results
Right now you might be wondering 'what sort of results will I get? Will I even get results?'.

Or maybe you're even a little skeptical 'is eating better and doing the right training really the secret answer to getting in shape' (that was tongue in cheek by the way!)

So . . . here's pictures, reviews and video chats with just some of the hundreds of people we've helped transform their bodies and their lives, so you can see the sort of things you can expect :-)

This 6 week challenge is the gateway into Fit Body Farm and is just the beginning for you on your way to a lasting transformation. 

Most of our members are with us for 2,3,4,5 + years because they love building on their initial results, creating habits that stick and the experience of being part of a supportive group of like minded people. 

Quick fire results and stories below...

Alana didn't want to be 'dragging her fat ass around' after her daughter so she overcame her 'mum guilt' made time for herself and lost 18lbs!

Jess has lost 2 clothes sizes in 6 weeks and dramatically improved her energy, digestion and sleep.

She was the heaviest she'd ever been.   Now mum Mandy has lost 17lbs and 6% body fat and is excited to keep going.

Kirsty felt sluggish and 
uncomfortable in her clothes
Now she’s lost 19.3lbs and 8% body fat!

Fiona had zero motivation to exercise but then this happened...

Judy had gradually gained 2 stones
 and was stuck in a rut. 
Then she lost 19.4lbs in 6 weeks

No diet or exercise was working for Rachel and going to the gym was intimidating. She joined FBF and achieved this...

Iona exceeded her expectations and lost 20 lbs during her 6 week challenge

Cheryl hated the gym and always doubted herself. Now she's confident exercising with her FBF 'family'

Natasha felt like a hypocrite. Now she's lost over 18 lbs and is leading by example...
Steph has lost 7.7% body fat and Lori has lost 20cm off of each thigh!
Mum Diane had put herself at the bottom of the priority list and felt miserable until...
Vicky was stuck in a rut, now she's lost over 20 lbs and feels great!

Joanne felt lethargic, bored of gyms and was the heaviest she'd ever been :( 
Then this happened... :)
She felt YUK but now mum of 2, 
Lesley has her sparkle back!
New mum Lauren is getting her energy, confidence and body shape back
From feeling frumpy and avoiding going on holiday, Jackie and Samatha now feel confident in their swimwear 
She was depressed and lacking energy, now Lynn walks tall with confidence
Kim has more energy and confidence since joining Fit Body Farm
Gillian has transformed her eating and exercise habits
Susie didn't want to be fat and 40
Jean can't wait to buy a whole new wardrobe
Our 6 week challenge is the gateway to you achieving lasting results 

Check out a couple of videos below featuring longer term members who 
have changed their eating and exercise habits permanently
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