Check out some of the Transformation Challenge Results...

Right now you might be wondering 'what sort of results will I get? Will I even get results?'.

Or maybe you're even a little skeptical 'is eating better and doing the right training really the secret answer to getting in shape' (that was tongue in cheek by the way!)

So . . . here's pictures, reviews and video chats with just some of the hundreds of people we've helped transform their bodies and their lives, so you can see the sort of things you can expect :-)

This 6 week challenge is the gateway into Fit Body Farm and is just the beginning for you on your way to a lasting transformation. 

Most of our members are with us for 2,3,4,5 + years because they love building on their initial results, creating habits that stick and the experience of being part of a supportive group of like minded people. 

Quick fire results with stories below....

Kevin became a dad so decided he needed to lose weight and have more energy - he's 19lbs down in 6 weeks :)

Kyle’s eating and exercise habits went downhill during lockdown. Then he decided enough was enough!

No more lacking energy, being out of breath climbing stairs or having a sore back. James has lost 23 lbs and has a massive spring in his step!
From sporty guy to being out of breath going up the stairs. Neil knew he had to change...
Andy was the heaviest he'd ever been and had no energy to play with his kids :(
Teenager Calum decided to get his ass off the couch and power himself to a 21lb weight loss
Mark had hit a dead end and didn't know where to turn. Then he found FBF...
Dad Steven had let his fitness slide. Now he's lost 
19.8 lbs and 6.9% body fat.
David was struggling to keep up with his kids. Now he's buzzing with energy!
Overweight and bored of the gym. 
Now Alistair has changed his entire outlook.
Craig broke through his plateau
Ross didn't want to be a fat dad
Seain was terrified before he started. Now he's gone through a total mindset and body transformation 
Alan's belly was getting in the way of tying his shoe laces
Craig wasn't comfortable taking his step son swimming. Now he's got his body confidence back!
New dad Gordon is getting his energy and body shape back
Russell was frustrated until he started following the FBF success 'map'
Nothing was working for Scott until 
he joined Fit Body Farm
(After then Before Pics)
Les loves the workout variety and
 motivation at the farm
Rodger has had to punch 3 new holes in his belt in the last 6 weeks
Busy dad Peter stopped trying to do it himself
Ricky is in a much more positive place 
to cope with lives challenges
Andi was embarrassed that he couldn't
 keep up with his 6 year old
Gavin went from low mood and lacking energy to being so much happier and fitter on the rugby field
Our 6 week challenge is the gateway to you starting your transformation at FBF

Check out a couple of videos below featuring longer term members who 
have changed their eating and exercise habits permanently
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